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Polysilicon prices are keep raising

time:2021-05-19 11:35:26

the price of polysilicon is raising to RMB 150-163/kg last month, while trading prices between major manufacturers following the Labor Day holiday reach RMB 160-170/kg. As shortage pervades, price seems not stopping, with sporadic orders signed at RMB 170-180/kg in the second week of May. In the whole world markets, trading prices rapidly surge, closing at USD 21-22/kg; some non-China polysilicon materials were traded at USD 24/kg, with the figure continually rising.

Polysilicon prices kept breaking new records each week despite mild end user demand, resulting in even more unpredictable price trends for the second half of the year. However, as some polysilicon makers’ equipment maintenances in May affected production volumes and ingot pulling production capacity continue coming online during Q2-Q3, mono-grade polysilicon price increases will not cease.

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