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2021 Commencement notice

time:2021-02-23 14:14:37

Dear customer

Our Chinese New Year holiday is over, the employees of the company have returned to their posts and are ready to work ,Thank the new and old customers for their continued support and trust in us.In the new year, we will provide more complete and high-quality services.


Our company Jiangxi ruihuang New energy and science co.,ltd, for short RH-SOLAR.The production plan for this year is as follows:


Except for the whole piece of solar panel product that we have been selling(the regular size). Combined with the changing trend of the global market, we will produce 120H, 144H half high-power solar panels, the highest wattage can reach 540W,The main products is 410W, 440W and 445W panels.


In addition, our company also has a complete set of solar small system products, which can provide enough electricity for fans and other small electrical appliances.


Besides, based on our experience in cooperating with the government on street lamp projects, we can also undertake relevant street lamp projects, including street lamp with poles and streetlamp without poles (since streetlamp with poles requires professional technicians, we are not responsible for drilling).


For more information please contact us.We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the New Year.

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